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Learn from Example
January 2, 2008 @ 11:43 AM | By InterCall Blog

The more we talk about this subject, the more our customers are coming out of the woodwork to share their stories.  Many of our clients are setting a great example and showing us how they’ve used our teleconferencing services to go green, like eSurance. But, we also have other clients who are asking us where to start. And that's why we’ve created this site ... we want to give you the opportunity to explore and network about environmental concerns, and to learn from what others are doing

So as we kick off 2008, we want to call out to all our readers to share your stories.

Tell us – how did you start the green process? Was it a huge initiative or a simple recycling bin? Did you reduce travel or measure your carbon footprint? Companies of all sizes are having different experiences, triumphs and failures in going green.  Share your experiences, and knowledge that will help others and we will purchase 10 trees on your behalf to help you make the world a little bit greener.  If your story is featured on GreenConferencing.com, we'll plant 100 trees on your behalf!

If you’re still looking for ideas on how your company can be green, check back in a few days and read some ideas from the experts. Or, you can check out a new guide put out by Climate Action, which has quite a bit of research to it: http://www.climateactionprogramme.org/emagazine/2007 (Yes, InterCall is still proud to be a platinum sponsor of Climate Action, a joint project of Sustainable Development and the United Nations Environment Programme...I can't say that enough! )

Happy New Year to all...and thanks for helping us make 2008 better and greener!

Carolyn Campbell
Senior Director, Marketing Communications

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