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October 31, 2007 @ 02:09 PM | By InterCall Blog

Hello, and welcome to the Green Blog! In this first edition, I wanted to expound a bit on why InterCall created GreenConferencing.com and this blog.

While corporations and governments across the globe are redefining policies and restructuring their data centers and facilities, in reality it still comes down to empowering individuals to make the right choices in order to really be successful. While all the planning and strategies are taking place in the boardrooms and tech rooms, you as an individual can empower yourself by making the right choices whenever you can.

In this light, you'll notice that the GreenConferencing.com site is a little different from others you might have seen. We wanted to focus on building great resources and community where both companies that are looking for strategies, as well as individuals, can find the information they need to make smart choices about the business technologies and resources they use to make a difference when it comes to the global climate crisis.

At the end of the day, who decides whether or not you need to travel to meet with a client, or whether you can accomplish the same thing online? Who decides when to print out an email, or to save the paper? Who decides to power down your monitor at the end of the day?

If your company hasn’t yet defined all of its policies, and you’re not personally empowered to enact a new telecommuting policy to conserve the use of fossil fuels, my hope is that each and every person reading this message will take the opportunity to give a second thought to the little things you do every day, and decide to make a difference.

Here's the reality of it... In today’s world, nobody can really live their lives without making a footprint. We're all involved, whatever we do, just by being here. The question is, what way will you be involved? What choices will you make today, and how will you help?

For more information about what you can do individually, check out the links and tips back at the GreenConferencing.com site.

— Carolyn Campbell
Senior Director, Marketing Communications

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